From the Advisory Corner


This week we will begin addressing our school-wide behavior expectations of Be Responsible, Make Safe Choices, and Show Respect by focusing on the first one: Be Responsible. Instead of talking about what responsible behavior looks like at school, we are addressing a broader topic.

-What are we each responsible for?

-What are our standards for ourselves?

-How does that relate to our contribution to our community?

Sports News At Britton

Monday 10/14 Girls Basketball: 6 & 7th team practices 3:01-4:30; 8th grade team practices from 4:00-5:45

Cross Country Team: Please return your jersey to any PE teacher.

Tuesday 10/15 Girls Basketball: 6th & 7th  Teams travels to South Valley. The 8 th grade team plays at Britton.

Wednesday 10/16 Girls Basketball: 6 & 7 Team practices from 3:01-4:30; 8th-grade team practices from 4:00-5:45  

Thursday 10/17 Girls Basketball: 6th and 7th-grade teams travel to Bernal. The 8th-grade team plays at Britton.

From the Office

Please send a note with your student to give to the office before the start of the day if they are being picked up early.  This will help us have them ready and waiting for you.

Please remind your student to bring his or her lunch in the morning if they are not having a school lunch. We cannot interrupt class time for lunch pick-ups.


If you work in the field of video game design and can come to share your experiences with our STEM class, please let me know!  Students will be designing their own video games using block coding and it would be wonderful for them to hear from someone in the field. The class meets every school day from 2:10-3:00pm. I can be reached at 

Weekly Homework Center -In the library- Mon-Thursday only. 3-4 pm in the library.   

Britton Cheer Meeting:.....

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