Lewis H. Britton
Middle School

Britton History

Britton’s Origins — 1975 to Present

Original Live Oak High School

The 25 acre campus of Britton Middle School sits on land that was once occupied by Live Oak High School. 

In 1904, the high school, with a dozen students, met temporarily at the Skeel Hotel in downtown Morgan Hill. In 1905, the students moved to the new building on Monterey Highway.

Original Live Oak High School

In 1950, the old schoolhouse was replaced with the current buildings on site today. The town’s high school remained on the corner of Monterey and Central Avenue until its new, larger facility was completed on Main Street in 1975. At that time the old site became Britton Middle School, named after Lewis H. Britton the former principal of Live Oak High School and Santa Clara County Superintendent. The site has undergone changes over the years including the loss of its swimming pools and the building of a new locker room, but the old auditorium, gymnasium, and spectacular views of El Toro Summit are rock solid anchors on the property. In 2018, Morgan Hill Unified broke ground on the new Britton campus. The first phase of construction went up quickly and the new 2-story buildings were open in Fall of 2019. Simultaneously, with the opening of the classrooms, construction began on the new science wing and bathrooms.  After completion of those rooms,  building began on a Student Union on the corner of Monterey Road and Keystone. The Student Union is expected to be completed by May 31, 2024. 



Britton Today