This is a one-semester course that incorporates story-telling, acting techniques, costuming, make-up and the history of drama. The class offers students a fun way to get to know themselves and others.

Teacher:  Mrs. Winchell


Cadet Band
This is a one-year course for students who want to learn to play an instrument or who already have a basic mastery of an instrument but want to improve skills.

Advanced Band
This is a one-year course for students identified by their school music instructor as being ready for a more rigorous music experience.  Students may be invited to audition for the Jazz Band when offered as an extra curricular activity.

Teacher:  Mr. Locsin



Spanish 1A/1B
This is a two-year course.  7th-grade students take 1A, and 8th-grade students take 1B.  The two parts together are equivalent to Spanish 1 CP in High School.  Completing Spanish 1A/1B will prepare students for Spanish 2 CP. 

Teacher:  Mr. Lara